Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy is the use of deep or light pressure applied to the musculoskeletal system for the purpose of muscle relaxation, myofascial release, increasing joint function, increasing lymphatic drainage, realigning scar tissue, or increasing local blood flow. We offer massage therapy for pregnancy, sports, relaxation or for treatment of specific conditions such as tendonitis, neck pain, low back pain, or trigger point therapy.

Trigger Point Therapy

Static pressure is used on points in the muscle and fascial tissue to release areas of tightness and chronic tension.

Fascial Work

Fascial work is performed with very little oil or lotion and has a stretching effect on the surrounding fascia and tissues creating more space for the muscles and allowing the area to relax, increasing circulation, and often providing pain relief.

Hot Stone Massage

This treatment involves placing warmed stones over specific areas followed by relaxation massage with hot stones in the palms of the therapist hands; a very relaxing treatment , it can be used in conjunction with a regular massage to enhance the benefits.

Indian Head Massage

This treatment involves massaging the scalp, face and shoulders with traditional champissage movements and may include the use of warmed oils.


This treatment uses traditional fine sterile needles to assist with muscle and nerve pain.


This form of myofascial technique helps alleviate poor circulation, scar tissue, and fascial restrictions.

Treatment Prices

Pricing is based on length of session rather than treatment type

      30 mins $55*
      45 mins $75*
      60 mins $85*
      90 mins $120*
*All prices include HST